Fresh out of the Manchester scene for contemporary music Isobel has her own style of performance with a focus on visual art aiming to engage audiences and create comedy in music.

Having just finished her studies on the joint course between the University of Manchester and The Royal Northern College of Music she is in high demand as a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and performer with a particular passion for world music and visual performance. She is the current tenor saxophonist and leader of the Abelia Saxophone Quartet.

As a keen arranger her music has been performed by the Abelia Saxophone Quartet on all their tours and recently a whole programme of her music was performed by the ensemble of the same name on their tour of Switzerland. She took orchestral works and scaled them down to just 8 performers – including the theme to Chicken Run!

A keen ensemble musician and collaborator she has performed as part of the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble, and worked with composers for the Austrian contemporary music group PHACE.

In January 2018 she will start her new adventure in Nairobi, aiming to inspire and encourage girls to pursue music in a gender imbalanced society and gain the confidence to be at the forefront of the next generation of young artists.


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