Prize winners!

We were fortunate enough to be awarded the Trevor Wye Prize (woodwind) on the 19th of June this year, an incredible experience for us which then enabled us to compete in the Chris Rowland prize (ensemble of the year in all departments).

We had such a great time preparing for this competition and enjoyed then listening to the other performers after us who were all absolutely stunning. To our surprise, we were announced as the winners. This now enables us to perform in the RNCM Gold Medal competition in 2016 in which the composer finalists will write for us.

In achieving all of this we were then informed that we had be given the June Emerson Award for 2015-2016 which presents us with so many great opportunities for which we are very grateful.

The group is now very excited for what is to come in the future, starting this next academic year off with a recital in the RNCM concert hall and a great performance opportunity at the Lowry.



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